Who can join Borderland Roller Derby?

The Borderland Roller Derby League is made up of skaters, referees, and other volunteers.

Women age 18 and over can join the BRD as skaters for our teams.


Some of the other things we look for in potential skaters include:

  • A positive attitude
  • Excellent sportsmanship
  • Ability to listen and apply new knowledge
  • Time commitment


Do I need to know how to play?

No! You will spend your first three months in a “Fresh Meat Camp” dedicated to developing and improving your skating skills, and learning all about the sport of roller derby.

We have had skaters from all different backgrounds and some hadn’t even skated since childhood. There are no height, weight, or experience requirements.  If you bring the right attitude, determination, and willingness to practice, we will teach you the rest! Just be willing to give it your all and learn!


What kind of equipment do I need?

All skaters are required to wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guard, and quad roller skates. There are numerous online stores you can check out for special “Fresh Meat” packages including:


Sign me up! How can I join?

Check this page often for information on our next Fresh Meat Camp.