Jammers: These skaters are designated by a star on their helmets. They are the ones who score points by working their way through the pack and lapping opposing players.

Pivots: These skaters are designated by a large stripe on their helmets. Responsible for keeping the pack together and having an overview of what the pack is doing. They signal strategies to their teammates and also work as a blocker.

Blockers: Block the opposing Jammer while simultaneously trying to get their Jammer through.

The Pack: The large group of blockers on the track.  If a skater falls 20 feet from the pack, they cannot engage an opponent and must yield to the opposing Jammer and rejoin the pack.

  • The first Jammer to get through the pack without penalties is declared the Lead Jammer for that jam.  The Lead Jammer has the option to end the jam early by tapping on her hips.
  • Both Jammers continue to race around the track and score points for their team by lapping opposing players.
  • Scoring starts on the Jammers’ second pass through the pack and continues for 1 minute or until the Lead Jammer ends the jam.
  • A Grand Slam occurs when one Jammer laps the opposing team’s Jammer.